Today I am 31 years old. Where did the time go? And how did I get FIVE children? The fact that I’m 31 isn’t so astounding, but the FIVE children still gets me every time. I have FIVE children? OH MY GOSH!!!

By oh my gosh, I, of course, mean how did I get so lucky? I am one blessed mama. And, just to prove it…

who smells cupcakes in her kitchen. Thanks FPD!

5 thoughts on “31.

  1. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite cheeseheads! 😀 (My parents are cheeseheads too, so it’s not an insult. 🙂 ) I hope your day was beautifully raucous. 😀

  2. Happy Birthday! For your birthday present, I got to take my first real shower in 10 days. Don’t you feel special? =0}I hope your day was magical, and filled with joy.

  3. OH MY GOSH!! Happy birthday LATE! I am so sorry I didn’t get to wish you a happy birthday ON your special day…..I hope it was wonderful. YOu are YOUNG sista! I am almost 43…..still feel young though. 🙂 Anyway, belated bday wishes to you!!

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