The good.

There are A LOT of things that Bubbles does really well. I want to make sure that I record some of those for her too. The point of this blog is to give her an idea of how far she came, and what she had to overcome. Some seeds were already planted for her long before FPD or I came along. I’m sure that those were a combination of her innate abilities, her loving birth father and the love she received at Lucky Hill.

–She has some AWESOME imaginative play. At first, she was nervous about it. Now she is all over the play room in our house, playing, laughing to herself and showing us just how intelligent she is by acting out some very in depth scenarios with her dolls, blocks or cars. I would have to say though, if you have a toddler coming home from Ghana, don’t bother buying a play kitchen. She TOTALLY doesn’t get it. And, I should have known that. An oven means nothing to her. She turned over a bucket, sat in a play chair next to it and pretended to be cooking over an open fire. FUNNY!!

–She has some wonderful manners. She took to saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ right away. The ‘gimmes’ only lasted a couple of days. Now, I would say she says thank you more than the four that came before her.

–She readily makes eye contact and apologizes when she does something hurtful to one of the other four.

–She wants to be hugged when she is sad. Sometimes I have to prompt her, reminding her that a hug is an option, but she loves it.

–She loves books and treats them well.

–She has AMAZING fine motor skills, probably from having to eat with her hands at such a young age. But, still, the girl holds a pencil better than Middle-Middle.

–She is brave. She hated all the foods we ate at first. We gave her some gentle encouragement and now she LOVES peas, corn and zucchini.

–She is amazingly self-confident. She will tell you just how beautiful she thinks she is. I love this about her. We’ll teach her how to be humble too, but for right now, boosting her self-esteem is important. It is so important for her to feel like we think she is the best. After she gets dressed, brushes her teeth and I do her hair she runs to the boys and tells them “Boys! Look at me! I am BEE-UUU-TEEE-FULLL!”. They always tell her “Oh Bubbles, you are beautiful”. She smiles and hands out hugs. It is so obvious that she loves getting positive attention from them.

who is thanking God for seeds that are starting to sprout.

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  1. Thank you for writing about the GOOD STUFF. I mean that. I think to often I dwell on the “stressed” moments and not the “blessed” moments. I try to stay positive though and this post was really encouraging. I love hearing about all the new things BubblyGirl is doing. You are a good example to me. Thanks!

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