A love letter to a furry red monster.

Dear Elmo,

I have to tell you that I love you, not in a weird way, just in a mom kind of way. You see, I have these five children. At one time or another, each and every one of the first three has loved you. You’ve made them laugh and dance like no one else could. You’ve taught them their ABCs, all about manners, you even taught them fun facts about fish. At one point or another, they all thought that you were the bee’s knees.

It had been a little while since someone in our home loved you. Then, we went all the way to Africa (your blue pal Grover has been there), and brought home a new member of our family home. She was so shy and scared. Then, she saw you. You make her laugh, you make her dance and, together, we’re teaching her the ABCs. This, my dear furry red monster, is why I love you.

So, we’ll go and see you live when you come to our midwestern city in November, so please freshen up your storylines (after all, I’ve taken three little boys to see you live already) and we’ll be sure to come and see you at your amusement park in Pennsylvania next summer. Until then, keep on bringing my little girl out of her shell in that fun loving way that only you can.

Thanks again Elmo!

who remembers when Gordon and Susan adopted Miles. Even the producers of Sesame Street know that adoption is cool!

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