Finding the balance.

Today was tough. FPD was at home with the kids while I headed off to work. Not to my job at the clinic, but to work in my early childhood learning centers. Because, there is no adoption leave from a business you own. We’re opening a new one (this is center number four, a preschool this time), and it’s crunch time. The licensor met myself and the Director there at 8am. When you have five kids, 8 am is the time when you’re usually getting the elder set off to school and handing out many a breakfast to the little crew. Usually, I’m not dressed, showered or have even brushed my teeth. So, to be up and ready at 6am to make an appointment by 8am. Well, it’s tough stuff.

Licensing went well, but the process is long. The Director is awesome, she is truly an answer to my prayers, but the process is long and hard. And, it should be, people are leaving their children in my care. I want the center to be the best. To be the best is hard though. We open on Monday. I drove home with a dull headache, knowing that I will be driving between home and the centers all weekend to make them all shine before new kids roll in to start their new “school” on Monday. 46 children ages six weeks- five years become my responsibility. Pressure.

Then, I get home and no one is dressed. FPD does his best, and he meets everyone’s needs. But, the routine is thrown off simply because he doesn’t know it. Bubbles’ hair looks like Don King’s do. The Diva WILL NOT nap until 6:30 pm, meaning she’ll be up until midnight. Gigantobaby is having fits because he hasn’t gotten his much needed outdoor time (it’s rained ALL day here) to run off that excess 3-year-old energy. And, the elder two are bored. Honestly, it was easier to deal with the 46 that aren’t mine. Because, the five that are keep kicking my can.

I KNOW other people do this, and do it successfully. But, on days like this I want to know…HOW?

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