One of 100.

This is just one of the 100 conversations Bubbles and I have per day.

“Mama, help please”. She points to some unidentified piece of fuzz on the end of her finger.
“You can wash your hands”. I am trying to encourage independence.
“I can wash a my hands?”
“Yes, you can wash your hands”
“For me? I wash a my hands”
“Yes, go and wash your hands”
“I go myself and wash a my hands?”
“Yes. Remember? You do it many times per day”
“I wash a my hands?”
“If you want the fuzz off your finger, you will need to wash your hands”
“I wash a my hands and then this be gone?”
“I wash a my hands now?”
“If you want to”
“I wash a my hands myself?”
“Yes”. By now, my brain is screaming at my mouth to ask her to stop talking, but my heart just can’t. She’s too funny.
“I no wash a my hands” And she rubs the fuzz onto her pants. “All better. Thank you mama”. Oy ve.
“Thank you Bubbles”.
“I love you mama!”
“I love you too Bubbles”

And then we rest until she wants to know which cup is for her. Then, the questions begin again. Trying to understand is exhausting for her. And, I’m a little exhausted from assisting her. But, she understands a little more everyday, and she is so happy about that! So, keep them coming, Bubbles. We’re here until you have it all figured out.

3 thoughts on “One of 100.

  1. I just found your blog and I am really excited to read more. We are desperately praying for God to provide a way for us to adopt. Financially, it seems so impossible so we are just praying! I can’t wait to hear more of your story.

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