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One month.

In one month Bubbles’ world has TOTALLY changed.

She used to wander as she pleased…

She used to be bathed in a bucket in the middle of all the action and then ran and played with no clothes if she chose…

She used to go to a school with few to no toys, a dirt floor and a snack that looked like this…

Now there are popsicles, picnics and her new favorite…

Trips to the park!

Neither world is “better”. Bubbles had someone to care for her in Ghana. People there loved her very much. Life was just harder, and finding us was always the ultimate goal for the people who loved her enough to let her go. The two worlds are simply different. Bubbles learned things in Ghana that she will never learn here, some of them were good, some of them I would erase if I could. But, we’ve all learned lessons by having her here, some I wouldn’t ever change and some that I would change if I could. This has been a month of ultimate joy and significant grieving. We made it though, as a family. It gets better every single day. We stumble, we fall, and occasionally we fail. But, we’re doing it as a family. And, we’re so glad that we’ve got each other.

who thinks that, for now, there is just no more to say.

3 thoughts on “One month.”

  1. I was thinking about Bubblygirl and you and your family today…wondering how all is going. I giggle every time I remember her rolling in the dirt in Ghana, crying and mad and not afraid of anyone! She has a strong spirit and is so dang cute, even when she’s naughty.


  2. I love that you said “neither world is better,” because I know that is true. It is hard to convince yourself, standing in the dirt and heat at Luckyhill with laughing, happy children, that there is anything wrong with their world at all. But you are so right when you say that one life is harder, and that is where we try to make a difference for all of them.I am so enjoying your first few posts after Bubbles is home. Especially your honesty, because we are (praying) right behind you and I now have some idea what is coming. But probably with less mess and more drama. We all have so much to learn, and that will happen in both directions for every family who follows.


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