A prayer request.

I’m lucky enough to have a place on the other side of the planet that is like a second home to me. Sometimes it’s hot, I don’t speak the language and I look A LOT different than most of the people that live there. But, I like to think that when I make it to heaven it will feel a lot like Lucky Hill. A place where there a hundreds of children to hug you and play with you all day long, children that need me ALMOST as much as I need them. So, just like in the book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”, I hope to reach the other side to walk through Lucky Hill hand in hand with FPD, along side our creator, and remember all the wonderfully important lessons we learned from all the people we met there. Lessons in love, forgiveness, strength and humility.

Some of these lessons have been learned the hard way, through pain and loss. Sometimes I don’t understand WHY God would make us learn them in this manner. I do have faith that when I get to that place in the great beyond God will make it all clear. For now, all I see is that just like God’s love for children brought about Lucky Hill, there is a very strong opposite force that seeks to destroy it. Lately, it seems like the deck is stacked against all the people who are fighting so hard to keep it what it is: a home for children who have no other place to go, a school for children who have no place to learn and a place to go to volunteer when your motivations are pure and you truly love children and not the “glory” of being a volunteer in Africa. I see my friends being hurt by people who are supposedly “helping”.

So, I’m going to ask everyone to pray for my second home. But, I’m also going to ask you to pray even more fiercely for the children who live there because while I am lucky enough to have two places I call home, for most of them, this is their ONLY home.

who is off to price airline tickets.

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