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ResponsiBoy is 7!!

This Labor Day weekend was spent celebrating the best big brother in the world. He is one awesome SEVEN year old. How the heck did he turn SEVEN? When did that happen? I’ll say it again and again, I blink and they get big!

On Friday FPD and I consulted our gourmet cupcake book and prepared some cute little treats for Responsiboy’s 1st grade friends. The project was time consuming, but all the kids loved it. They got to eat cupcakes that looked like popcorn in a box.

The “popcorn kernels” were made of white and yellow marshmallows. YUM!!! Here’s the finished product. We made about seven boxes of “popcorn”.

On Saturday, his actual birthday, we went to a park by the lake in our beautiful city. We played all afternoon and then went for pizza. The pizza place of Responsiboy’s choice has machines that allow you to win tickets for prizes. A nice older gentleman came to our table about halfway through our gaming bonanza and gave the boys handfuls of tokens because he “wanted to contribute something nice to our beautiful kids”. Awwww!!! That happens more often than you would think. I have a lot of kids, but people are usually very impressed by their behavior and how respectful they are (sorry, end of brag). I think the fact that we look a little different than other families and the fact that my kids are SO darn cute helps a lot too (oops, NOW I’ll end the brag).

On Sunday we went to church where everyone fawned over our birthday boy. Week after next ResponsiBoy will officially become a “big kid” at church and start attending the first part of worship with us and then head to Children’s Worship. Middle-Middle will stay in the 4/5 year old room for another year. He’s bummed, but ResponsiBoy is proud.

Monday was our family grill out. We had over aunts, uncles and grandparents for hot dogs, corn dogs and brats (you wouldn’t be in the midwest if we didn’t grill you up a brat). ResponsiBoy opened his gifts happily and then we ate sundaes until we were STUFFED. He got a watch, a Wii game, Bee Movie on DVD and a new (but gently used) bike from mom and dad. He is really in 7th heaven!!!!

who needs to hit the treadmill HARD after all that good food.

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