A little voice from the other side of the globe.

I got to talk to our GhanaGal today!!!! Her birth mom spent money she doesn’t have to call and tell us that they all missed us. GhanaGuy was already asleep, so I missed him, but hearing the sweet little voice that I love so much made me REALLY happy. It has been about 6 weeks since I left with Bubbles. I’m sure they wonder whether or not we’ll be back. I reassured them I would be coming for a visit soon! I’m asking for time off in the beginning of November. If I get it, I’ll be on my way to see them. I hope. I pray. We’ll be starting the HS visits again soon. The thought makes me giddy, with excitement and nerves.

Most of all, I’m thankful for that little voice from the other side of the globe. I’m thankful for the happy tears the phone call made me cry. I’m happy that each day is a day closer to being a complete family.

who has made herself cry again.

2 thoughts on “A little voice from the other side of the globe.”

  1. I’m sure her Ghanamom is telling her that you are coming back. This is a comfort not only for Ghanagal, but for her Ghanamom. Soon she’ll be here learning the ropes and becoming an “American Girl”. I’m so glad you got to hear her cute little voice.


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