Girl Power through Abe’s Fund.

Did you see my ticker? Do I need to add the arrow again? Nah. Just scroll all the way down to the bottom. I’m not sure people would want me to out them for all the good they are doing. So, I’ll just tell the people that donated that they are AWESOME!!!!

Abe’s Fund bought a bed for William’s Hospital last time I was at LH. Did you see William’s Hospital? If not, here it is.

A kind doctor and his wife hauled over MANY medications. So, we have two hospital beds and medication now. So, what’s missing? I’ll tell you, it’s someone to dispense the medications and bandage those owies. This is what your money will be going toward. I am committing to using 80% of all donations from Abe’s Fund to pay a nursing assistant’s salary for LH for one year. Wait for it, because it gets better. I want that nursing assistant to come from Lucky Hill. That’s right, I want to start a “health internship” program for some of the girls there. They can decide if they have interest in a career in health care. If so, LH will provide much needed work experience and then FPD and I will help them find a way to get to nursing school. I had the pleasure of speaking with the Director of Admissions for the Nursing School at a major university just outside of Accra. They have a wonderful four year program for young people who have graduated from Senior Secondary (High) School in Ghana. The program requires good grades and three years of work experience, that three years can come from being the Nursing Assistant at Lucky Hill. So, whichever girls are interested will work with me each time I go over to learn as much as they can about basic First Aid and common medical conditions in Ghana. The University that I attend for my masters education has agreed to allow me to write my thesis on what I’m doing over there. The University that my sister attends for her undergrad in Nursing has also agreed to help with books and supplies. I’m hoping to see at least one girl go on to attend a university and come back to help her community.

Why do I keep mentioning the girls? What about the boys? Watch this video and you’ll see why…

**The other 20% of the money from Abe’s Fund stays in a small fund for special needs adoptions from LH. We’re still looking for that special family for Abe and Anninda. When God decides it’s time for them to find their boys, well, Abe’s Fund will pay for a portion of their adoption**

who feels proud of the people who make all this possible. Want to be one of those?

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  1. Luckyhill started with wanting to help girls receive an education. It’s the heart of LH. Thank you for caring so much for the future of these girls…

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