What No One Told Me About Adoption.

Grown In My Heart is sponsoring a Blog Carnival. They ask everyone to write on a certain topic and then have you link your blog using the Mister Linky tool. The topic this time is “What No One Told Me About Adoption”. Having now adopted five times, I’ll tell you that ‘what no one told me’ could fill a novel. There are a lot of things no one told me, some of them funny, some of them sad.

–No one told me that I would have children that could never, in any way, shape, or form, be mistaken for being biologically related to me.

–No one ever told me that someday I would forget that they look TOTALLY different from me, and that I would just see them for the awesome little individuals that they are.

–No one told me that I would be so thankful to the birth parents who brought my children to me that it would actually make my heart ache, no one told me that some days I would hate them equally as much.

–No one told me that I would connect with a child who was already well on her way to adulthood as much I was would connect with that newborn in my arms.

–No one told me that I would have to and love to become an advocate for transracial adoption.

–No one told me I would end up with this many children, even though I secretly wanted it SO badly.

–No one told me that every time we leave the house with all these children people will stare.

–No one told me that I couldn’t possibly care less, let them stare.

–No one told me that loving these children is like letting your heart walk around outside of your body all the time.

–No one told me that their pain would become my pain.

–No one told me that my family would look this wonderful.

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  1. Its weird getting the stares, huh? We got them for the first time the other day…a white family with one hispanic boy. A group of Hispanic men stared at us for the entire dinner. Could not figure out if they were upset or just curious. I get smiles quite a bit but have never gotten the weird stares.

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