Up, up and away.

I think I’ve said this about every three months for the last year.  First, it was April, then end of June, then August, now November.  I’m going back to Ghana 11/9-11/17.  FPD and I have spent A LOT of time in Ghana this year.  I’m headed there again. This time I’m hoping for a low pressure, relaxing, drama free visit.  Can there be such a thing?
I plan to visit with our kids.  GhanaGal and GhanaGuy are amazing kids.  Everyone who meets our GhanaGal loves her.  GhanaGuy is a little more shy, but he is still a love to anyone who really gets to know him.  My mom and dad now suspect that there will be more additions to our family.  They are scared, we are scared.  Living in fear isn’t my favorite place to be, so I bury my head.  Is that wrong?  When there is something I don’t want to deal with I often take the “ostrich approach”.  Sometimes I do it with work.  No need for me to get involved in that issue, my plate is full.  I occasionally do it with the kids.  No need for me to get involved in that squabble, I’m going to try to let them work it out.  But, with an adoption?  I’ve handed this one up completely, because I worry too much.  We got SO lucky with BubblyGirl’s adoption.  Aside from a small mishap with some paperwork for our 1600, which Kingsley quickly corrected, everything went as smoothly as possible for an international adoption.  Because we have been SO burned in the past, I have this feeling of impending doom.  So, I bury my head.  BubblyGirl wouldn’t have known the difference if I had not been allowed to return.  If I don’t come back for our Ghana Duo, they’ll feel it.  My kids at home will feel it.  So much is riding on this.  So, the ostrich approach will have to do.  I know that even though my head is in the sand, His isn’t.    
who has sand in her ears.

3 thoughts on “Up, up and away.

  1. Some days the Ostrich Approach is the only way through. Like you said, His head is not buried. He knows our hearts and our desires and intercedes on our behalf. It’s not hiding so much as recognizing that sometimes there is absolutely nothing we can do for ourselves but plead for His help. You are right, we love GhanaGal, she is irresistable. But GhanaGuy is much the same. Once he let us love him, he was irresistable too.

  2. You nailed it when you said “though my head is in the sand, His isn’t” Absolutely true. I know you are feeling anxious. Your Ghana Duo will be so happy to see you! It’s all going to work out. Prayers….You are awesome.

  3. They are such sweet kids, I can’t wait see them home with your family. I know how scary it is, and I bury my head plenty of days. It’s all about faith isn’t it?

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