Gimme Beautiful Hair, Long Beautiful Hair…

BubblyGirl is OBSESSED with her hair.  The people that knew her at the children’s home that she lived at are always surprised to here this.  Remember the incident with the Donald Trump/Milli Vanilli comb over? I do.  It’s forever etched in my memory as one of those funny GhanaGirl stories.  Anywho, she wants her hair to look nice all the time now.  She demands it.  No one is to touch her hair.  If they do (GigantoBaby) they find themselves on the other end of “DON’T TOUCH A MY HAIR!!!”.  She’s loud.  Ghanaian people tend to speak loudly, and she is the loudest one I’ve ever encountered.

She asks me to do her hair like the Diva’s all the time.  Here’s the thing, the Diva has about four times as much hair.  I braid the Diva’s hair.  I twist the Diva’s hair.  The Diva has puffs.  BubblyGirl always looked on with jealousy as I gave her the same tiny knots every day.  Well, no more.  She finally has braids.  Can you see them?

Probably not.  They are about one centimeter long.  And, she wanted snaps on the end of them, so they look even shorter.  It’s kind of sad, but she ADORES them.  She went RUNNING to her brothers after school to show them the fruit of my two hour labor.  They immediately told her “Oh BubblyGirl, you look beautiful” (they’ve been well trained).  She looked at them, patted her head and said “Oh, I know, my hair is a BEAUTIFUL”.

who could use someone who is willing to spend two hours on her hair.  I’m not looking nearly as good as BubblyGirl.

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