Finding my way out.

I find that when I’m in a funk, the best way to pull myself out of it is to keep incredibly busy with all the things on my “to do” list.  One of the things that needs to be done is to educate myself on how to educate my kids.  GhanaGal and GhanaGuy will be in 2nd grade and K when they come home.  We will probably have GhanaGuy repeat K.  I’m not sure what we will do with GhanaGal.  She is performing more “at grade level” than GhanaGuy, she reads well but has little to no comprehension of what she’s reading.  She can add, but can’t explain to you how she got the answer.  All her skills come from memorization.  We need to go back and start over with the “why” of reading and math.  It feels like I’m un-educating her.  Not my area of expertise.  

I’m hoping the kids will be home by mid-April.  I plan to keep them home for the rest of this school year.  Between those months, and the months over the summer, I will be working as if they are homeschooled to try to catch them up.  I need a curriculum to tell me what to do.  Something really basic.  So, we’re shelling out the big bucks.  I want something with simple stories that they are familiar with, so something bible based makes sense.  Books that are popular with my kids have references they don’t understand.  They aren’t quite up on pop culture.  So, after much careful research, I chose this.  


I can kind of tailor it to what they need.  We’re starting at the beginning with phonics and math.  Here’s hoping, I guess.  

whose skills are being stretched in ways she never imagined.  

3 thoughts on “Finding my way out.”

  1. FPM! This is the program I FINALLY chose after going through every program I could find. I have a friend using Little Hearts with her sons and she LOVES it. We are modifying it a bit to save on the expense, and because there are a few programs I just really wanted to use instead of the ones HOD suggests (we’re doing Bigger Heards for His Glory). We’re adding Explode the Code for reading/phonics, A Reason for Writing, and Rod and Staff Science (very inexpensive and basic, which is what I want this year). I’ve got my own reading list to cover literature and such. All in all it’s going to cost $216 for my two kids for all of that. A lot better than some of the really expensive programs out there!Anita


  2. I had been looking at some of the (phonics and writing) resources that Anita listed. The HOD is awesome too. Very simple and wholesome. We are going to have to teach Precious at home in addition to school, just to get her up to speed. Somewhere on my old computer I have some suggestions for increasing reading comprehension. It is a list that a teacher gave me for Bugs in 2nd grade. I will send it to you when I find it. We have used this website too, it is fun and great for beginning readers: http://www.starfall.comYou CAN do this, and your kids will all benefit.


  3. It will just take time, but they’ll get to where they need to be eventually. It takes a lot of effort, but it’s well worth it. They’ll do great because you, FPD and their new sibs will all be there to help them through.


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