Delta, Delta, Delta…

Can they help ya, help ya, help ya?  Nope, because their website can’t process Vi*sa or Ma*ster card right now.  So, they can take your reservation over the phone… for an extra $20!!!  If you balk at that they will generously sit on the phone for over an hour until you can talk to the online services rep who will ask you why you didn’t just pay the $20.  It’s the principal of the matter at that point.  Then they’ll ask you why you just didn’t use a different card.  We have ONE credit card.  FPD and I carry NO debt.  I had to blow the dust off the thing to attempt to book my reservation in the first place.  Please Delta, just take my $1300, please!

Good news is, I’m off to Ghana to see my kiddos on November 9th.  And, I’m starting to get excited.

who needs to start the packing process.


2 thoughts on “Delta, Delta, Delta…

  1. Yay! You have your ticket! Sorry it was such a pain…there is no such thing as good customer service anymore. If there is, can someone tell me where it is? Good news is you got the ticket! I know Ghanagal and Ghanaguy will LOVE seeing you.

  2. I feel your pain. I have spent more time talking to Delta this week than to my own Mother! And then, my ticket purchase triggered a fraud alert on the card. Good times.We’ll just miss each other again. But the kids are going to be so excited (ALL of them- you’re a rockstar there, you know).

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