Here’s the story…

of a lovely lady, who was busy with 5 kids of her own…well, you get the idea.  What I’m wondering is, when is she going to get here?

I need my own Alice.  You can live here if you want to.  I’ll get that pretend room in the attic ready for you.  You’ll take sticky kisses and crayon drawings as payment, right?  Right?
who wonders what Mrs. Brady did with herself all day.  She’d like to find out.

2 thoughts on “Here’s the story…

  1. Yes!!! I need an “Alice” too. Even if she would just cook! So…you will have to comment on my blog, some code words…as to where you might be staying in Ghana. We will get our kiddos from the EH and are staying the first few days at RM. If you don’t know those abbreviations, let me know…we can figure out some kind of code. So excited for you…and there will be a few of us AP over there at the same time! Fun!!!Blessings, Tami

  2. If you get an Alice, can I clone her? Actually, I would love a “pick it all up” robot to follow my kids around. I should have married George Jetson instead of Superman.

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