A first.

BubblyGirl celebrated her first birthday today.  She’s not one, but I’m pretty sure it is the first birthday that anyone celebrated for her.  We ate at a buffet tonight, where she could peruse the selections and eat A LOT of everything.  Is it possible to eat your own body weight in food?  I’m pretty sure our girl did.

It’s all about princesses around here.  So, our girl got a cake from her daddy that made her eyes light up.  
I wish you could have seen her little face.  Oh wait, here’s the pic that pretty much sums it up for her…

An awesome day for one awesome little princess.  We’re so lucky to have you in our lives!
who is off to demolish another piece of cake.

6 thoughts on “A first.

  1. Oh WOW! That is so fun! I loved seeing her happy, excited, awe-filled expressions. Happy Birthday BubblyGirl! I know this has to be her BEST birthday EVER! 🙂 Hugs from Sista Shelley…

  2. Oh her smile melts my heart. And the cake- I totally had one of those when I was younger (not admitting that I am old here or anything because really is couldn’t have been all that long ago at all). ;0) Your family rocks!

  3. How fun to celebrate the firsts! Lilly’s 1st birthday is Nov. 1st….and her first Halloween, the day before. We are combining the events and having one BIG Halloween/Birthday party that is going to be all about one special little girl celebrating firsts!!!!

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