Thank you.

November is National Adoption Month.  On the first week of the month, I need to give thanks to all the people who helped us get our children here.  In a long line of people who have taken our money, there have only be a handful who have touched our spirit.

Shelia placed all of our boys (so far) with us.  She led us to adopt after our failed Guatemalan placement ended in heart ache.  She’s the one who started it all.  She absolutely REFUSED to give up when I called and told her God might not be leading us to be parents.  She prayed with us over the phone.  It felt like she was patting me on the back and holding my hand the whole way through.  She’s the one who started the family of children that will soon number 7.  I wonder how she feels about that.

Where would I be had God not brought these people into my life?  I wouldn’t have my children.  How do you thank the people who gave you the most important thing in your life, the thing that defines you?  How do you thank the people that made you a mom?  The answer is you can’t, words will always be inadequate.

who will hug her children today in honor of the people who worked so hard to bring them here.  

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  1. I consider you a dear friend, one who love’s and gives so much to our Ghana kids. Where would we be without you?! I can’t wait to come visit your “complete” family. Now get over there and kick some “WHO” butt for us. “Injections for evely body” is what bubblyGirl would tell them!

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