Akwaaba and a little deja vus.

Haven’t I seen this all some place before?  It’s becoming like my second home. 
As I rode that same shuttle from the tarmac to the airport, I inhaled deeply and took in all the smells that are Ghana.  I always have the same reaction to the smell.   Excitement and dread combine to mix this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I know what’s in store for me, days of some of the most difficult situations I’ve ever had to deal with.   Sometimes these situations come to me as a nurse, but mostly as a mom.  I look at all the little faces as we pull in to the orphanage, some of them are the same faces that are always there to greet me, some are new and have just been brought to the children’s home, then there are the holes that children have left who have been here for so long and then gone on to find their family in the U.S.  What is joyful for the families that have found them has left lasting holes for the children who are left behind.  I have never seen that more than on this trip.  As I entered the compound, children throng forward, some to collect biscuits, some to touch the weird white person’s hand, and some to ask if I’ve found them a home in America yet like their friend.  My answer is always the same.  Not yet, but I pray to God everyday.  Today one of the children’s answers brought tears to my eyes.  “So do I sister, so do I”.  There is always a new dimension to the suffering that these kids have to endure. 
who is suffering a little herself.  

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  1. Once we go to Luckyhill, or any other place in Ghana , or even in the USA and SEE and HEAR and SMELL and FEEL the need these children are in….we are responsible to somehow help. The children in Ghana always touch my heart and reading your posts have brought back those feelings. THanks for sharing.

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