Give me the finger (but only if it’s purple).

I have witnessed so many miracles here.  It’s unreal.  Today I can add another one to the list.  For the last year I have emailed every single person I could think of to try to get the kids of LuckyHill vaccinated.  Someone that I emailed led me to someone else who in turn led me to someone else who then led me to Rotary International.  I contacted them prior to leaving.  It was like a ‘Hail Mary’.  I never thought anything would come of it.  Today I watched as they vaccinated over 60 children in the ‘Nursery’ class for Polio.  

To tell them which children have taken the oral vaccine, they dip their pinky in purple ink.  I have never been SO happy to have purple ink stains all over my pants in my life.  A little three year old came up to me and touched her little purple pinky to mine and I thought to myself…one disease down.  Again, I take my blessings one at a time.  But, God didn’t stop there.  I began to speak to the man from Rotary.  He lives up the road.  He is a member of the same church as Kingsley.  He offered to take me to the office to talk to the Director.  Within the hour, I had met with the woman who will bring Measles and Yellow Fever vaccine to Lucky Hill next week.  Tetanus won’t be far behind.  It is a slow process to wade through the Ghanaian politics of it all, but we made it.  I have a promise, and a name to the face that made it.  Mission accomplished.
who feels lucky to be Polio free. 

3 thoughts on “Give me the finger (but only if it’s purple).”

  1. We searched high and low. Brother Daniel from down the Luckyhill road. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! Probably sat next to him in church. Walked in front of his house how many times?! God has a sense of humor doesn’t he?


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