Good news comes in pairs.

It was an adventure to get ready for this trip.  I worked until the day before I left.  FPD worked until minutes before I had to leave for the airport.  Responsiboy got pink eye and GigantoBaby held a bowl all the way to the airport because he thought he was going to “bawf”.  This all seemed so much easier when BubblyGirl wasn’t involved either.  FPD agreed.  This is the only time when five has slapped us in the face SO much more than four.  I don’t think she was ready for me to leave quite yet.  She’s still learning to trust us and I left her…and in comes the guilt.

48 hours before I left we got good news.  Adoption granted.  The decree will be in Kingsley’s hand next week.  No time to even celebrate.  We were too busy packing to come and see the children that, in the eyes of Ghana, have just become ours.  So, I sat on my suitcase and cried, dual purpose because I got it zipped at the same time. 
The day before I left the rest of the good news came rolling in.  The orphanage director has GhanaGuy’s passport in his hand.  Do you know what a miracle that is?  I didn’t expect it for another two months.  The only thing holding this adoption up is our HS update.  I am in awe of how God has moved mountains to help my kids.  I am in awe of my blessings. 
Today, as I sit here in Ghana, I’m holding one half of the golden ticket for my kids.  The other half will come when they stick that little visa into it.  For now, I’m rejoicing in what God has given to me.  

2 thoughts on “Good news comes in pairs.

  1. I wanted to post some sort of comment on every post about your trip so far–like reading a novel–lovely, heartbreaking, inspirational–but I figured that would just get annoying!So I will leave it with. You INSPIRE me! You are, though we have never, met, spoken, nothing… one of my favorite people! just so you know!

  2. Amazing!! Yep, God is good….and you have done an amazing job of boosting these children up. Every trip to luckyhill is such a reminder of how lucky WE are to know these sweet children. I am so happy for you…..and I know things will work out. Hang in there mom. 🙂

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