Missing you.

You’re probably already asleep tonight.  Since your house has no electricity and the sun sets early in Ghana, you go to bed early.  I am at the hotel now, waiting to leave tomorrow.  When I went out earlier I stuck my feet in the pool, all I could think about was how you BEGGED me to take you to Accra to go swimming.  I would have, but the decree that says you are mine never came.  Without it, it just isn’t a good idea to take you away from your mom, especially for days at a time.  I’m not your mom yet, not even officially your guardian.  I looked at the pool tonight though and could picture you both swimming there.
I can’t believe we were just together and I miss you this much already.  My tree climbing giggler and my serious guy.  I kept telling you how soon it would be that daddy would come to file the I600 and then I would come back to bring you home.  I’m praying for the strength to do it.  This trip took its toll.  I love your people, I love your country, but life is so hard here.  I came expecting to accomplish so much, and all I did was witness  a lot of foolishness from Americans and the very difficult situation which you currently live in.  I have doubts that coming was a good idea at all.  I pictured us bonding, a little time away.  It didn’t work that way at all.  I think I might have left you more confused than before I came.
If I could somehow make a trade that would allow me to just blink and have all this be over, I would pretty much give up whatever it takes to get you here.  A year of my life, our brand new car, whatever.  I would give it all away to get you to us just a little sooner.  I miss you so much, it hurts.                                          

who is going home to a full, but incomplete, home.

3 thoughts on “Missing you.”

  1. My dear friend. You accomplished so much! It takes some time to process the hard life of those you have grown to love. It’s hot in Ghana as we say. It’s all so overwhelming, so much left to do that we feel as though we never accomplish anything. A step back for a few weeks and you will remember only the good. I promise. I adore the pictures!


  2. You are an incredible person. I think you did the right thing, even though right now it may not feel like it. I know that God has a plan and that in time you’ll know what it is and your sweet Ghanakids will be home. Hang in there FPM. I’ll be praying for ALL of you.


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