All I want for Christmas…

is not to have to do a thing.  It’s true.  I’m currently making the annual spreadsheet.  You read that correctly.  The spreadsheet of gifts I have to buy so as not to insult my many family members.  It’s ridiculous and not in the true spirit of Christmas.  But, it’s always been a must.  So…here we go.

who asks again…Tahiti anyone?

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…”

  1. It IS ridiculous. Especially since certain people are never happy no matter what they receive. It is so frustrating to even try to please them, and I am finally realizing that it is impossible. Every year I weigh whether it is time to just cut them loose and deal with the fallout. Honestly, this year my tolerance for drama and complaining is so low, I might just do it!


  2. Becky,Just wanted to send you a note. We are working on getting money together to send the kids at Lucky Hill. You and your children and ALL of the children at Lucky Hill, Lois, Kingsley and Gloria…you are not all forgotten. We are praying and working to get food for the children.Breclyn


  3. I hate the materialistic part of Christmas. I love the smells, sounds, sight…sensory parts. The money part…hate it. I wish we could do away with gifts and concentrate on what is REAL…the birth of Christ. Again, well said FPM!


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