Filling My Bucket.

At my boy’s school, they have this analogy about “filling your bucket, filling other’s buckets”.  Every classroom in K, 1 and 2 has a bulletin board with buckets on it.  Each bucket has a kid’s name.  The buckets have drops of water in them to represent acts of kindness.  When a child does something kind for themselves, or for someone else, they contribute to filling their own bucket, along with their classmate’s.  It’s kind of like sharing joy.  When you do something mean spirited or unkind, it is a kin to poking a hole in their bucket, water drops are removed.  The kids understand that a full bucket represents a confident, happy self.  An empty bucket means someone is unhappy and must feel bad about themselves.  They are supposed to support each other in keeping their buckets full.  It’s all related to the anti-bullying campaign that they launched last year.  It works REALLY well, kids are really conscious of empty buckets.  When I volunteer in the classroom, I actually see them attempting to fill the buckets of kids who are running low.  They might tell the child how much they like their outfit, or what a good reader they were today in small group.  I tell them that every time I see their acts of kindness it fills my bucket too.  I need to work on it outside the classroom now though.

A HUGE part of filling my bucket is actually being able to go to church.  I feel really uplifted and closer to God when we actually get to go to church and worship with our loud, gregarious congregation.  Unfortunately, I work every other weekend, so that eliminates 50% of all Sundays.  Cold and flu season has hit us hard.  Here I sit again, with TWO sick kids this time that don’t want to be without their mom on the weekend that I don’t work.  So, going by myself just isn’t an option.  I want to comfort them, but my bucket is running low.  This holiday contributed to draining my bucket, not going to church robs it a little more, and missing my Ghana Duo, and all the other kids at LH, has drained it even further.  My bucket is almost dry.  I need to work on that, it’s impossible to be a good mom when your bucket is empty.

So, I resolve to get back to running.  Construction on our house is almost done.  FPD and I now have a full room devoted to running, biking and weight lifting.  We are very blessed.  My house is clean, so I will fill my bucket by putting up my Christmas decorations today.  Christmas makes me happy.  I also need to get out of my bathrobe.  I’m not kidding.  I NEED to get out of my bathrobe.  I showered yesterday, went to Costco, came home and put on my bathrobe AGAIN.  Pathetic.

who vows to fill her bucket, and not with liquor (like the rest of her relatives).  Funny, but sad, all at once.

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  1. I want to send you a bucket of Cokes ( not the diet kind either…the sugary kind!). Let us, your friends, help you fill your bucket. You are a great mom to your children and a great friend to many others, including me. Thanks for all you do for others. You think about others and do more for them than you realize. You’re awesome.

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