I no want it!!!

BubblyGirl actually feels good enough about food now that she will tell me that she dislikes things.  She doesn’t enjoy Nutrigrain bars, she dislikes apples (not exactly native to Ghana) and she doesn’t seem to enjoy cheeseburgers.  The problem now is that if she doesn’t like it, and it appears on her plate in “just try it” form, she will try to dump it onto one of her sib’s plates.  It’s almost as if she can’t bear the thought that it might contaminate her other food.  If I catch her at it she will flounce around and tell me “but I NO want it!!!”.  Oh, you’re right, I’m sorry, go ahead and dump your gnawed on apple into your sister’s cereal, I’m sure she’ll be grateful.  We’ve tried to explain why the smaller child in this home doesn’t want her pre-chewed hand-me-downs, but at LH, the little kids liked it.  So, she doesn’t see why it should be any different here.  Again, one of those times that I’m glad I got to witness this behavior and why it is occurring.  Otherwise, I would just think she was really gross.

who thinks Bubbly is just a little gross anyway, in a lovable kind of way.

2 thoughts on “I no want it!!!”

  1. I can see Bubblygirl doing that ( can hear her too!!) 🙂 I tell my family the Ghana stories about her when I was there. She was my entertainment. 🙂 HANG IN THERE FPM!!! Someday she’ll grow up and you’ll have LOTS of stories to tell her friends….hee hee. 🙂 I keep looking for a Coke Bucket to send you….with a built in straw. 🙂


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