It’s beginning to look a lot like…

a blizzard.  And, the kids are ready.  School is closed tomorrow.  I’m emergency personnel, so even if they have to come to get me on a snow mobile (which they might), I don’t get the day off.  Boo!  But, aren’t my kids cute?  Bubbly has taken this to this like a duck to water.  In America, there is snow for EVVVERRRYYBBOODDY!  

who is feeling a little less frosty now.

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  1. I suppose the fact that I am *totally* over snow already does not bode well for the next several months. The kids do love it, even the one who thought she would freeze in the frigid 70 degree temps we brought her home to. They are all clearly insane. I hope you get some time to enjoy the snow with your littles, though! They all look way excited.


  2. The high is 81 today and 50something tomorrow–feeling sickness coming with shape-shifting weather. Was that just mean to say? I am sorry. The kids look CUTE!


  3. No blizzard here. I think we barely got 2 inches, nowhere near the 6-10″ they said we’d have by morning. I have a whole bunch of exchange students who are sorely disappointed that it is not a snow day today. :p


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