And then my husband tried to kill me with the shock of it all…

Remember when the children tried to kill me with sleep deprivation?  Yeah, that was a good one.  I’m recovered slightly now.  Except I’ve decided that we now need a king size bed.  Trying to cram us and at least two children (whichever ones decide to roam in the night, it’s always at least two) into our bed is just ridiculous.  Anyway…

I was talking to our very friendly, lovely Social Worker yesterday.  She was calling to see if we had our fingerprint appointment yet.  I know, what a good lady, right?  Just calling to check on us.  Sadly, the answer is NO, I don’t have it yet.  After SEVEN adoption attempts, five successful (so far), we finally have a Social Worker who thinks we’re good people.  All the other ones had a warm regard for us, but thought our continually growing family made us rather odd.  Well, that and our religion.  I know, Christianity is REALLY out there, isn’t it?  She and I began to chat about the GhanaDuo and bringing them home.  She commented again on how awesome she thought Lucky Hill sounded.  I know, totally awesome.  She asked me again if we were really “done” adopting.  I told her…heck yeah.  I told her the reasons for that are two-fold: we have officially run out of bedrooms and there is just NO WAY that FPD would ever agree to more kids.  I told her I finally felt “complete”, like after almost 10 years of marriage and seven kids, that we’re good.  She laughed and told me how young we are.  31 and 32 doesn’t feel so young when you have almost SEVEN children.  She laughed again and told me that FPD had told her he didn’t know what our future held, that he always leaves the door open to more children.  WHAT?!???!?  I nearly dropped the phone into the toilet I was scrubbing.

So, I asked FPD about that little nugget of information that he has never mentioned to his wife.  People of the world, it is true.  While we are BOTH officially over babies, somewhere, in the WAY distant future, if there were to be an older child out there who needed a family, it could be us.  While I’m not considering that possibility at all right now, it just warms my heart to know that Lucky Hill has rubbed off on my husband too.  He loves older kids, never was much of a “baby” guy.  He’s so excited about our GhanaDuo and he’s excited about watching our kids grow into healthy, happy adults.  I wonder how  I hit the marital jackpot.  Cute and sweet?  Too much.

who thinks her man is pretty special.

2 thoughts on “And then my husband tried to kill me with the shock of it all…

  1. What an amazingly special family you are! Thanks for sharing. How special that he has fallen in love with Ghana and the older kids in need of adoption.God Bless you all as you seek His path.Tami

  2. Aaaawwwww….that is so so sweet! You two are perfect for each other. I had to smile as I was reading that. Your children are blessed to have you…two special parents.

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