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Never far from mind…

ResponsiBoy is not exactly one to express his feelings.  In fact, if he does come to me admitting he has a  a problem I usually have to remember to close my mouth from the slackjawed, shocked expression that takes over my face.  Middle-Middle is another story, no one can help but know precisely what is on his mind, he tells me everything.  For ResponsiBoy, telling us what he feels has always been a struggle. ResponsiBoy is totally colorblind, but still manages to express himself through art.  Below is his latest masterpiece.  This was drawn in one of his more solitary moments,  after I looked closely, there is no question as to what, or whom, he was thinking about.

Just in case you can’t tell, it’s a picture of the earth.  The sun is shining, the ocean is clearly depicted, Antarctica is labeled neatly.  But… where is the U.S. you ask?  Aren’t American kids supposed to be American-centric?  Not this one.  His heart is in one country, the one where his new brother and sister currently reside.  In case you can’t see the one country that he labeled, I’ll give you a zoom…
Here is Africa, and in it is Ghana.
Keep in mind that he is in 1st grade.  For me, incorrect spelling or not, this is the best, most accurate map of my heart that anyone could have drawn.  For anyone trying to unify a family, you will understand why little sketches like this mean so much.
whose whole world revolves around her kids, the ones here and the ones in “Afrca”.

2 thoughts on “Never far from mind…”

  1. That is so sweet and thoughtful. I remember when Precious and Kekeli were in Ghana Keanu wrote his letter to Santa and it was all about how he didn’t want anything…he just wanted his sisters to come. Now he has them. 🙂 Those letters and pictures are priceless.


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