A Cruel Hoax.

Oh, Department of Homeland Security.  I love you and hate you all at once.  You are able to bring me to the heights of joy, but also the depths of despair.  Yesterday, after struggling ALL day to put my kids and our non-existent fingerprinting appointment out of mind, I went to the mailbox to find a letter from you.  Excitedly, I ran my freezing cold behind inside.  I tore into the envelope and opened the letter with such glee.  Yay, I thought to myself, this will be the best Christmas ever!  I will get fingerprinted and the kids will be home in no time.  Then I saw what was written on your beautiful Lady Liberty stationery.  It was basically a thank you note.  A thank you note for the $870 I had to send you.  Oh, DHS, you are a worthy opponent.  So am I though.  So am I.

who isn’t licked yet.

5 thoughts on “A Cruel Hoax.

  1. I just found our same “cruel hoax” letter in the folder today while gathering receipts. I remember feeling the same way when that envelope graced my mailbox. It was awful, wasn’t it? Hoping for some real progress for you very soon.

  2. I feel your pain, Sista Becky. It is hot in Ghana but sometimes it is cold, cold, cold here in the U.S. :)On the first day of adoption, my true love gave to me the hope of an adoption decree….On the second day of adoption, my true love gave to me two continents to love and the hope of an adoption decree…Anyone want to fill in more days? :)I think five should be “FIVE SHOTS THAT STING!” 😀

  3. On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me three failed court dates, two continents to love, and the hope of an adoption decree.” On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me four additional document requests, Three failed court dates. . .

  4. AHHHHH maaaaaaaannnnnnn! That sucks! I’m sorry. They should not send thank you’s! They just send the dang document and approvals! Sorry you had to do that….I would have bawled my eyes out. Hang in there !!

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