Do you remember when we were SO close to getting Bubbly and we felt like everything was falling apart?   FPD was in Ghana and I was here dealing with plague and pestilence.  Not a time I would like to revisit, except I am, not by choice, but because everything feels like it is unraveling again.  Something good will happen and then something worse will happen to knock us two steps back again.  The payroll department at my large local hospital called, they’ve been paying me a small hourly differential that they shouldn’t have been…FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR.  They want their money back, to the tune of $1557.51.  They want it back before the end of the year so they can close their books.  Nice.  Merry Christmas.  We filed our tax return in October to the ATIN office so they could assign Diva an ATIN (Arizona ROYALLY messed up her birth certificate, so for now, no SSN).  The ATIN office lost the return.  The feds owe us nearly $6000.  It’s not coming anytime soon.  Nice.  Merry Christmas.  And, the kids, and now FPD, all have Strep.  The hits just keep on coming.  

But, this happened last time too!!!!  We were so close when I felt this way last time.  This MUST mean we’re in the home stretch.  I told FPD my theory when the bad news just kept rolling in.  I told him we MUST be getting close, that this is an assault on the good we’re trying to do by adding to our family.  Do you know what he told me?  If you’re so superstitious than you shouldn’t have said it out loud…now you’ve ruined it.  GRRRRR…

who will watch out for out of control buses and planes that fall from the sky…with her luck, who knows?  

4 thoughts on “Assault.

  1. I totally agree – but Satan and superstition are not the same thing. I think Satan vehemently opposes whatever can bring a family together, and while I don’t know exactly how much leeway he is given, maybe Job would have the answer to that. :}I’m feelin’ ya, sister.

  2. Very, very frustrating. You know some of the craziness I delt with yesterday, and now it’s getting even better. A skunk got stuck in the garage last night and just sprayed the dog. The skunk has now hunkered down behind some bicycles and the smell has permeated the entire house. Still, I would take stench over IRS and payroll issues. That’s worse.

  3. Murphy’s law and Satan trying to throw a wrench in it all at the same time says you are getting close to have your two very special people. Just stay strong….even when you aren’t. 🙂 Hold your breath when the big, hard waves hit. I hope things get better soon!!!!! I am so sorry that these things seem to always come on at the same time. You’re in my prayers FPM!

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