The Full Plate Family heads to…

Walt Disney World!
If we were shopping our own reality show, I would advertise this as a two hour special.  I can just hear it now…five kids under the age of seven, 20 hours in the car, two very tired parents and the extended family that FPM loves to hate.  Would you survive?  Then there would be some dramatic music.  Oh my gosh, the drama of it all.
The kids are SO excited.  They can hardly sleep.  We took Bubbly to Disneyland the week after she got here.    It was good to get away, to be gone from the intrusions of well meaning friends and relatives who just wanted to “see her”.  I would do it again, but in a MUCH less overwhelming environment.  Poor girl had NO idea what to make of it at the time.  But, she must have liked it because she speaks of it VERY fondly now.  I was showing her pictures of Disney World (we even own laminated maps of the park, just for her to know what to expect).  She pointed at rides she went on in Disneyland and said “I ride this last time”.  She did!  I just assumed she was in shock and wouldn’t remember a thing.  She does remember pestering me to buy her things the entire time we were there.  She said to me “I will buy one thing”, which was my mantra from last time.  It has been my mantra to her for the last two weeks.  Because, you see, Bubbly has this problem.  She has a little bit of an addiction.  If there were a treatment program, I would have put her in it.  Do you know what the problem is?
Princesses.  Good grief!  The girl sees any little piece of plastic crap with a princess’ face on it and she immediately decides it MUST be hers.  Have you seen the inside of Disney World?  It looks like the entire princess factory threw up all over the place.  It’s going to be a week of many interventions.  “Breathe, Bubbly, BREATHE!”.  She is signed up to go to the Princess Storybook Breakfast.  She got a Princess Tiana dress from Santa.  She owns a tiara and glittery shoes.   She’s all set to breakfast with her girls.  Just her and me.  Well, we might take Grandma and Auntie as well.  But, it’s a special day for a girl who loves her some princesses.  Other than that, she’ll get to pick her one souvenir.  That’s my plan, and I’m sticking to it.  The problem will be the extended family who think she is SO cute.  She is cute.  Do you want her to stay that way?  Then DO NOT turn her ugly by giving her everything she ever asks for.
Overall, I’m really excited because the kids are so excited.  We’re very blessed to have family that loves them enough to plan this for them each year.  Yes, you heard right, this is an EVERY year occurrence.
who doesn’t know if she will be the one to Outwit. Outlast. Outplay.  The children might be the only “Survivors”.

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  1. Having recently returned from the Happiest Place on the West Coast, I feel your pain in my bones! It was quite an adventure, even with older kids. But, Oh how fun was it to see Efia’s eyes when she saw Tiana! Her obsession is at least specific to one Princess, but it is a strong one. We did the whole Princess Makeover and Princess Faire while the boys got their coaster fix. It was awesome and I will never forget that day. I hope your trip is just as enjoyable, and that Bubbly gets enough of the Princesses to last until next year. Have a safe trip!

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