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So worth it.

There are so many things about this trip that have not been worth it.  But, there have been so many more that have made it all worthwhile.  I won’t bore you with the details of how our condo reservation was TOTALLY screwed up and my kids are sleeping on air mattresses all over the floor.  I will bore you with the details of how my daughter learned the word “magical” and now applies it to everything she sees here.  To me, this is magic…

I won’t post a contrasting pic of what Bubbly looked like in Ghana.  You can go back and find them if you look really hard.  They’re in this blog to chronicle what the adoption process was like for us, to record her history for her and to help anyone else adopting a toddler from Ghana know what to expect.  Suffice it to say that Bubbly is a different girl entirely now.  Those of you who have adopted from LH and knew her when must admit how different she is.  She is still her sassy, stubborn self, but with a girly twist.  I thought FOR SURE Bubbly would be a girl who would hang with my guys.  Instead, she came home and clung to all things traditionally girly.  It was as if living in the naturally difficult conditions in Ghana were not where she was meant to be at all and she knew it all along.  I guess she was right.  She has taught Gigantobaby to embrace the feminine side of his large self.  She regularly has him in pink heels while carrying a “baby” on his back.
This trip has really made it clear how far our girl has come.  Not just her look, but her attitude, her language and how much she feels a part of this family.  She has embraced her role as “the princess”, while also realizing that the Diva doesn’t like to be dethroned, but that she doesn’t care a whole lot about any of this princess stuff as long as Bubbly doesn’t enter her sphere of space.  It’s such a delicate balance to add a child to the middle of an already established family.  We’re getting there slowly.  We reached the new normal a long time ago, but the new normal gets easier to live with every single day.
Just like adopting Bubbly, this trip has been full of moments that made me feel like it all might not be worth it, makes me wonder if five kids (soon to be seven) is the right choice.  Then God sends me a message through moments like the one pictured above, to let me know that we’re all getting there, one step at a time.
who feels a little like a princess herself today.

1 thought on “So worth it.”

  1. That is a DARLING picture. She IS a princess…and that makes you QUEEN! 🙂 She’s so cute and I know she must be like a dry sponge just soaking in all of this wonderful stuff. It IS worth it….and I know exactly what you mean.Glad today was good!


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