When it’s so sad that it becomes funny.

Have you ever had such bad mojo that it just becomes funny?  We’re getting there.  If one more thing goes wrong it will just be unbelievable.  Yesterday we had the Princess Storybook Breakfast from hell.  I’m not kidding.  They seated us 30 minutes after our reservation because they lost our dining slip at the bottom of the pile.  Then we were seated at the table closest to the door.  They kept opening it and closing it, which wouldn’t have been such a big deal if the temperatures down here weren’t the lowest they have been since 1991.  That’s right, it has yet to hit 60 degrees down here, it was 40 some degrees outside during the entire breakfast.  No Florida sunshine for us.  Because we were seated so close to the door, the princesses didn’t feel much like hanging around.  I have four good pics of Bubbly, all of them wearing her winter parka over the Princess Tiana dress that Santa worked so hard to find for her.  Crappy.  I spent the next two hours complaining to the manager, and anyone else who would listen.  They offered us Backstage Passes to the Princess Meet and Greet at the Magic Kingdom.  Ok.  It won’t get me my money back, but we’ll take it because Bubbly will just die with excitement, and that’s what it’s all about.

Today we stayed out of the parks, to give ourselves a break from the hustle and bustle.  I arranged for the  Twinados (GigantoBaby and Bubbly) to do a pony ride at Fort Wilderness, the Disney Campground with a wild west theme.  GigantoBaby loves all things Buzz and Woody, so riding a pony would be right up his alley.  Bubbly LOVES horses and was SO excited to ride a “baby horse”.  We’ve done this in years past when the eldest two were smaller.  I talked it up because it isn’t like pony rides at the local fair where you see sad little ponies strapped to a metal contraption where they walk mindlessly in a circle.  This stable has a little trail and the ponies walk along the trail with the kids on their western saddles while mom or dad walks alongside.   Bubbly went first.  She rode the pony with absolutely no fear, as if she had been riding a horse all her short little life.  It was SO very Bubbly.

The world’s newest equestrienne (notice she doesn’t need ANY help, she wanted to do it “myself”, they wouldn’t let her take the pony out for a spin on her own.  Bummer).

GigantoBaby was next.  He was naturally a little more spooked than Bubbly.  He’s my giant three-year-old, but super sensitive and tender hearted.  He didn’t think he wanted to climb up on that platform and ride that pony.   FPD commented that his pony, Cloud, was a little stubborn as well, that it would have been better suited to Bubbly.  She would have handled him.  Cloud wouldn’t walk straight and kept trying to head back to the corral with the other ponies.   So, I walked along beside, with one hand on GigantoBaby, while FPD walked alongside.  Even Middle-Middle was talked into walking along to cheer him on.  Finally, GigantoBaby consented with my promise that the pony wouldn’t “buck” him.  Can you guess where this is going?

GigantoBaby with his support staff: FPM, FPD and Middle-Middle (in his highly fashionable souvenir Stitch hat).  

Halfway through the trail, the pony crossed paths with another pony going the opposite direction and decided he wasn’t waiting to get to the corral anymore.  Cloud reared up and started to run.  I saw it all happen and grabbed the back of GigantoBaby’s parka with one hand, but my one skinny little arm isn’t nearly strong enough to keep him from hitting the ground.  Down he went, flat onto his face.  He immediately began to cry about how the pony had “bucked” him.  And, it had.  I felt AWFUL.  It gets worse though.  The lady who runs the stable immediately came out, to comfort the freakin’ pony.  Ohhhh, poor pony, he was spooked.  I’m not asking you to turn the pony into glue or anything.  But, my kid just hit the dirt.  She went into the corral, got another pony and insisted that GigantoBaby sit on him.  I wanted him to too.  I have ridden since I was a kid too and have a dream of my kids riding with me when they are old enough.  I don’t want him to be scared, but give the kid a minute or two, he’s THREE!  About 15 minutes later we got him to sit on and take two or three steps on the new pony.  So, here we are again, a disappointed kid and my money in the Disney cash register.  This time we were offered nothing, just to talk to the manager to make sure we weren’t going to sue.  What’s the new word that Bubbly just learned?  Magical?  I think not.

FPM and FPD, along with half the Disney staff, comforting GigantoBaby post-“bucking”.  Do you see how FPD is looking at me?  He wanted to yank him off the horse and tell all of them to stick it.

There isn’t anyone to sue for all the bad mojo we’ve had lately.  It just must mean that our I171H is on the way.  Otherwise, it’s too sad to think about how much money we’ve spent for all these misadventures.  We’re halfway through this “vacation”.  We’re hoping for a little more magical in the days to come.

who feels a little like the pony just bucked her too.

4 thoughts on “When it’s so sad that it becomes funny.

  1. I guess you could call it “magically disasterous” 🙂 Comical 🙂 Someday you’ll look back on this trip and you’ll all laugh, so why not laugh now 🙂 🙂 The hysterical “I could be losing my mind” type of laugh. Grab a coke and a smile 🙂 Hang in the FPM! I’m glad you didn’t kick the pony!

  2. Becky, I have to admit it just keeps getting worse and as I was reading it so hard not laugh at our ridiculous comical your vacation has become. This reminds me of our moving trip from Idaho to Arizona. Everything that could have went wrong did, however we did have our kids with us so it was much easier to laugh our whole way through it.I do hope you get your I171H as soon as you get home so you get a treat after such craziess 🙂 Your right though, laughing is probably the best way to handle it or frustration and crying might come next. Thinking of you, hope your trip home is a safe one.

  3. *HUG* Our Florida trip was like that too!!! Our list included raucous neighbors having a wild party the night 2-year-old Josh comes down with horrible croup and has to be at the ER for 3 hours….said partiers telling me to go “enjoy myself” when I got back from the ER about 2AM and asked them to please keep it down because I have a very sick child…..finding that someone else had put dog poop on the handle of our minivan so that we would put our hand right in it….losing the keys of the rental van in the ocean at a very secluded beach during bad weather with my handicapped mother-in-law and three children sitting outside with no shelter, no bathroom,and no food. FUN TIMES!!! 😀 I think Florida is cursed!!!! ;)Hang in there, hon!!

  4. I felt the same way at about this point in Efia’s adoption. If it *could* go wrong, it did. Over and over and over again. Actually that all started getting worse about the time our I-171H came, so I hope you are just getting a head start and yours will be waiting in your mailbox once you return safely. Things have calmed down since she came home, so I guess it was just Satan giving one last knock to see if he could get in the door. The last picture is hilarious. You can tell that both you and FPD were so VERY done with the whole equestrian experience, and poor GigantoBaby just wants off the darn horse! Bubbly looks like she is just blissed out on this trip, and she looks just as regal on a pony as she does in her Princess dress! For what it’s worth, we enjoyed a cold snap during our D*sn*y trip last month too. Coats and hats in California? Whodathunkit? We also came home with a fancy Stitch hat. Enjoy (or at least survive at this point) the rest of your trip, and have a safe journey home. We’re praying for you!

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