My kids are at an age where they have hero worship for some of the characters that we’ve seen on this trip. It is so fun to watch them meet the ones they love…

Middle-Middle meets Stitch.  It’s funny how birds of a feather really DO flock together.  

Gigantobaby meets Buzz Lightyear and explains to him the proper use of the laser.
Bubbly meets Belle, but requested that the Beast step out of the picture.  She thinks he is “TOO hairy”.  

Bubbly and Cinderella enjoy some really expensive faire at the Princess Storybook Breakfast (from hell).

Snow White and Bubbly, the Dwarfs were hanging with dad.

Bubbly and Ariel.  She did want to meet Prince Eric.  I guess Bubbly’s type is a guy with little to no body hair.

Bubbly with Alice.  She had NO idea who Alice was, but she thought she was “BEEEUUUTEEEFULLL”.  

These are the moments I have to hold on to, because sooner than I care to think about they will be telling me how “lame” this all is.  I worry that the GhanaDuo will already think this is lame.  It’s a double edged sword to be enjoying all these moments, but to know that I’ve missed so many of them with the two that still live at Luckyhill.  I just hope that I can talk our soon to be nine-year-old GhanaGal into putting on a princess dress and getting her picture taken, every little girl deserves to feel like a real princess a time or two in their life.   I have no doubt that the boys will be able to talk GhanaGuy into wielding a lightsaber or pirate sword.  You can’t hang with the boys and not let the magic rub off on you.
who already found her handsome prince (don’t worry, he’s not covered in fur).

4 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. My 14 yr old Ghana girl wanted to put on a princess dress……:) I found a size 10 12 she could barely squeeze on. Your Ghana girl WILL want to wear a princess dress….promise. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the experience…the pictures are awesome!!

  2. Oh what a princess! All of the kids at LH have got to see these pictures. They won’t believe it’s their “Ruth”. Where’s the dirt she used to roll around in? The look on her face is pure bliss…

  3. Looks like an AMAZING DAY! Those princess are so beautiful, especially yours! I had to laugh when you said that bubbly’s type must be little hair or no hair! Just funny to realize she notices.

  4. Bubbly is absolutely a Princess. She carries herself with such an “air” and she obviously enjoys being around her Princess peers! I have a Sttich too, and yes they do flock together. He used to love Buzz, but he sadly outgrew him. My Goofy will always be Goofy but I hope that my Dath Vader eventually returns from the dark side. I bet your GhanaDuo will be totally into all things Disney. How could anyone resist? When Efia met Tiana at Disneyland, she looked like she would die from pure joy. It was “magical.”

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