I Believe.

Here is a picture that sums up why I LOVE spending time with children so much more than adults.  This is my GigantoBaby.  He spent the entirety of our trip in his Buzz Lightyear “suit”.  He really believes that those tiny little floppy wings on the back are going to take him “to infinity… and BEYOND!”.  Never one moment of doubt.  Do you see the look on his face?  Pure happiness.  There he is in the middle of the Magic Kingdom, just having met Buzz himself, and he’s ready for lift off.  GigantoBaby believes that if he just believes really hard, then it will be no problem.
So, I’m taking a page from his book.  I’m going to believe things into reality.  I’m going to believe that the drive home tomorrow will go extremely smoothly.  I’m going to believe that USCIS will email me on Monday and tell me that we don’t need to be re-fingerprinted.  I’m going to believe that my I171H will be in my hands by the end of the month.  I’m going to believe all these things with the same faith that my little big man has in his wings and their ability to make him soar like a little spaceman.
Do you have anything you want to believe into reality?  Let’s all give it a go.
who believes miracles happen once in awhile, if you believe.  

4 thoughts on “I Believe.

  1. I believe! His pictures makes me want to believe with the pure innocence of this child. I do believe your paper work will be there.

  2. I’ll join the believers in the I-171H. I want it to be there too! Personally, I need to believe that Efia will survive her first day of school tomorrow, and that both of us will survive the next few months.

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