The Countdown.

We’re home again.  ResponsiBoy and Middle-Middle skipped very happily off to school today.  I’m at home with the littles, making dental appointments and registering for my next grad school course.  Bummer.

But, the good news is that we do NOT need to be fingerprinted again for our I171H, so we’re officially just waiting for that piece of paper to come now.  All documentation was received four weeks ago yesterday.  The average processing time for this form is 10 weeks.  So, four weeks down, six to go.  The thought of that drives me a little crazy.  But the good news is that our local field office has one of the fastest turn around times in the country.  With our last adoption, we were fingerprinted on 4/13/09 and had an I171H two weeks later, prior to my leaving to for Ghana to help with William.  So, there’s hope.  We’ll see I guess.  As of yesterday (when I emailed for an update) they were still processing applications ahead of ours.  So, not this week for sure.  At least that will save the mail carrier one week of my stalking.

who needs to start making 2011 Disney reservations.

3 thoughts on “The Countdown.

  1. Ahhhhh, the mail carrier stalking….I remember the feeling. SOON! It will happen and you’ll be there! And I must say, GRAD school! AWESOME! You are an inspiration in all you do FPM. You have a lot on your plate 🙂 :)! That is why you are FullPlateMom! I’m so happy you’re home and all is well!

  2. I was sitting here the other day freaking out over going back to college (next year! LOL!), and you are handling grad school along with everything else. You do rock. Completely.Hooray for progress! Isn’t it funny how the little things, like not needing new fingerprints, can make such a difference?

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