And the stalking resumes.

The halt on the stalking of the mail carrier lasted for less than 48 hours.  Sorry USPS.

I just got off the phone with my kids in Ghana.  I LOVE and hate talking with them all at once.  The days drag for them, and now for us too.  I can’t hear their little voices and not hope that the mailman, by some strange miracle, won’t deliver the coveted I171H.  I told their birth mother that we are only waiting for one more piece of paper.  She told me she will pray it comes soon.  She sounds a lot weaker than last time I spoke with her, like she’s losing a little strength and a little faith all at once.  She’s not well, there is a possibility that she is so not well that she won’t be here with us much longer.  Can you tell that I can’t bring myself to say the words?  She never asks me for anything, even though I know she has NOTHING, she just asks when we are coming.  I like to think that she’s just making sure that her biggest fear, that there won’t be anyone for the kid’s who have already lost their father, is taken care of before she leaves this Earth.  I know it’s probably not that simple, nothing in Ghana ever is.  But, it gives me peace to think that God’s timing will ultimately be perfect.

I need this piece of paper, I need this piece of paper.  If she prays from one side of the globe, and we pray from the other maybe God will hear our global prayer and He will decide that NOW is the perfect time.  

who still hasn’t gone for the run she needs to.  Off to strap on those running shoes.

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