Promises kept.

If you scroll down two posts there is a link to a video that now holds such a deeper meaning to me.  Providence took a child from his mother today.  My GhanaGuy lost one of his best friends.  A little friend that so many of us hugged and loved.  It seems so senseless.

He died knowing that he had a mom, dad, sisters and brothers in America that loved him, that wanted him, that fought for him.  They fought longer than any other family.  They have more faith that any other family I’ve ever met.  As I sit here, numb from the idea that the world lost such a funny little soul today, I think about his mom who told me the one thing that makes any of this bearable.  She told me that as a mother you have one goal, to get your children home.  Not to your house, but to their eternal home.  By bringing this little boy into their heart and their family, they made a promise.  They gave him their last name, they made a place for him in their home.  They promised all the things any mom and dad promises to their child.  But, they also made a promise to honor him as a member of their eternal family, that when he got to heaven, they would all be their together.  No one imagined he would be there first.  But, he is, and someday they will all be there together, as a family.  Promises kept.      

who is going to hug her babies a little tighter tonight.

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  1. Amen. It’s a comfort to know that we can be an eternal family. It’s a comfort and a blessing. Thanks for sharing….All of us who knew him will miss our sweet little smiling Ghana Angel.

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