Back in the saddle.

So (and I say that while sitting here in my pink robe, holding my morning can of Pepsi as if we were just going to sit down for a chat), FPD is all set to go.  Tickets are bought, Malaria meds are in him and he has instructions on what to photograph for the LIF board.  He leaves in less than 24 hours.  Now it’s time to get down to serious business.

Seth’s library.  Do you see my badge with Seth’s smiley face?  His dad would be the absolute best one to tell you all about his smiley face, and his love of books in a place where there are very few to enjoy.  Seth was going to be our neighbor in the U.S.  Well, neighbor is a relative term.  He would have lived within driving distance of us when the rest of the kids from LH live in the Jell-o belt.  Yes, there is such a thing.  And no, I’m not stereotyping anyone, it is the official snack food of Utah.  I’ve also told people that I’m not kind about where I live either, we fry Pepsi and Snickers bars at the State Fair.  Yes, we’re a disgusting lot.  My point is, Seth would have grown up with my seven.  We missed out on that.  Now it’s time to do something awesome to honor him so that something good comes out of what we’ve missed.

Seth’s library has turned into so much more than just the room full of books at Kings International School that we thought it would be (which would have been great too).  It has turned into what we hope will become a community gathering place.  Can you imagine if you weren’t able to read to your children simply because you had no books?  I can’t imagine it.  Bubbly spent hours pouring over her one shelf of board books in her room when she got home.  She counted them all, along with her shoes, over and over again.  When we took her to an actual public library for the first time she hardly knew what to do with herself.  It’s innate in a child to want to be read to.  I can still feel dirty hands and sweaty bodies all over and around me when I imagine reading out loud at LH.  All the kids gather to you as close as they possibly can.  Even the oldest kids would come and listen to the picture book.  They sit practically on top of you to get a better view of the book, the one precious book that they’ll get for a long while.  It’s hard to fathom, I know.

So, let’s change it, in honor of our Seth, whose family has been kind enough to share him with the world in order to help the community of Budumburam.

who needs to remember to pack some books for FPD to read to the kids.

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