And he’s off…

FPD left our house this morning at 4am.  He’ll arrive in Accra at 7:35am tomorrow morning.  I remember well how long and draining that flight is.  I’m praying for safe and restful travels for him.  He worked up until the last second, so I packed for him.  I hope I got everything he needed.  It’s a little different packing for someone else (who isn’t your child).  It’s 7:07 am, he’s texted me three times to question the paperwork I packed for him.  The I-171H looks different and he’s unsure of how to fill out the I-600.  He’ll be with our kids, so I feel like the rest will just fall into place.  While traveling to the other side of the world, it’s hard to feel so sure of anything though.  It’s hot in Ghana.  

who sends her hubby a big cyber hug.

3 thoughts on “And he’s off…

  1. You could always fill it in for him and email it in, if worse really came to worse. They seemed pretty agreeable to that, so I’m sure it would be okay too. It’s going to be awesome. How long is he staying? I wonder if maybe, just maybe, they could get it approved in time for him to apply for their visas. (Appointments for I600 are usually Tuesday afternoons – could you make the appointment for him for tomorrow and he could just go from the airport??) It’s going to be great. 🙂

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