As hard as we’re fighting, they’re fighting harder.

I haven’t said anything about Haiti other than that my prayers are with all the people that are devastated by this quake.  For some of the kids who were “in process” of being adopted, there was a chance they would just get to come home.  Their parents had some copies of their paperwork, if their agency intervened and they seemed to be true orphans, they might get a reprieve.  It seemed like some good would come out of all this tragedy.  A reprieve for parents who have been fighting for YEARS for their kids.

Unicef has stopped the adoptions in their tracks.  UNICEF!  The organization that supposedly advocates for the orphaned and impoverished children of the world.  Shameful.  Why would you stop a known orphan from coming and living with their family?  I understand the concerns about child trafficking.  I understand that it would be a HUGE humanitarian rights violation to allow any adoption to take place of a child that wasn’t already in process prior to the devastation.  But, for real, why all the red tape?

Here’s one family’s story…

I don’t know the adoptive parents who wrote this blog.  By I do know that there is a mountain of unnecessary red tape with every international adoption.  Then when you add in what is supposedly a humanitarian organization lobbying AGAINST adoption, the obstacles seem almost insurmountable.  What are they supposed to do?  Give up and just turn their backs on the kids they’ve come to love?  I’ve had to do that twice.  No one else should ever have to.

who thinks there won’t be any more Trick or Treat for Unicef going on at our house.  

3 thoughts on “As hard as we’re fighting, they’re fighting harder.”

  1. I must admit after going through our Haiti adoption for over a year and having it come to a very sad end. UNICEF kind of became a nasty word to us while in the process. They were some of the problem before. I do understand they do a lot of good in the world and I don’t care to go into that. However their man goal is to keep kids in their homeland, that’s great if their homeland is providing all that it needs to educate, provides food, shelter and the much needed medical. However we know that Haiti doesn’t have any of these things so why UNICEF thinks it important to stop adoption process and to keep these poor kids in Haiti who need and wants homes is very frustrating to ME!!!!


  2. Plain and simple, UNICEF has an agenda that isn’t in the best interest of the welfare of the child. It is far more important to keep “ethnic” children out of the hands of the WASPs than it is to give them food, medical care, and education.What they’ve done is truly shameful. I wasn’t a donor to UNICEF before because of their anti-adoption agenda and I certainly won’t be now.


  3. It is horrific, isn’t it? I read that post this morning too. I completely agree with “Hermyzoo.” If the children are safe, fed, and have water and a place to sleep they should remain in their country and with family or community members willing to care for them. If not, why would anyone get in the way of getting them to the fmilies who are waiting for them? What I would like to knw is, Why does UNICEF have any influence on our (or Haiti’s)governement agencies in the first place? Because they hand out the dollars? Disgusting.


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