Day One of Seven.

FPD will be gone for seven days.  Not much to report from him, he’s in the air right now, scheduled to land   in 3 hours and 35 minutes.  Poor guy, all 6′ 5″ of him is probably getting really uncomfortable in that tiny seat in coach.  He plans to text me when he gets there.  I plan to journal his trip for him here, because documenting just isn’t his thing.

I’m counting down as well, because I have NO clue how single parents do this.  We’re all starving to death over here.  While FPD has few specific responsibilities around our house, he is the one who is home consistently at dinner time, so he usually cooks.  He enjoys it to.  He spent his college days cooking in the kitchens at local restaurants to pay his tuition.  No good food for us, it’s mac and cheese and hot dogs all the way.  The kids don’t mind, but I do.  I miss all the mexican food that he loves to cook.  I just miss him.  I’m glad he’s going to see our funny little GhanaDuo though.

who would show you pics of my house (aka Ground Zero), but then you might call CPS.

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