Day Two of Seven.

FPD filed all our paperwork at the embassy yesterday.  It seems to have gone well, except for one little snafu.  Our actual I-171H arrived in the mail today.  DISASTER.  Not really.  They told me I could scan and email it to them.  Apparently, what FPD turned in says we were approved (probably because I was pestering them incessantly), but it wasn’t the real deal.  I’ll have to find a scanner and get that done today.  Sheesh.  Otherwise, all seemed well.

He got to LH in the late evening last night, well after dark (it gets dark early in that part of Ghana).  Our kids were there to greet him.  They seemed happy and excited to see him until he mentioned that they wouldn’t be going to a hotel THAT night.  He told them they had plans to visit the rain forest in Cape Coast the following day.  Not good enough, they wanted the pool they were promised.  Sorry, sometimes even the Obrunis can’t make it all work.  FPD told me the heat is awful.  I can remember, but since it’s -4 here with the wind chill, I have a hard time sympathizing.  We could use just a little of each other’s weather.  He sounded exhausted and a little nervous about wearing out his welcome because Kingsley’s house is overflowing with Americans.  FPD is not only sharing a room, but will have to sleep two to a bed with another dad.  In that heat, I can imagine that will get uncomfortable.  

He plans to head to Cape Coast today, but only for the day.  I told him he should take all his things with him to make sure he had them because day trips like that usually don’t work out as planned.  Especially when you’re traveling with that many people.  He wouldn’t mind a hotel tonight.  I’m making arrangements for a couple of nights at a hotel in Accra when he gets back.

who can’t wait to see the pics.

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