Day Three of Seven.

A fun-filled day for FPD and our GhanaDuo.  They got to visit Cape Coast today.  No pics yet, he has the camera, but no computer to put them on.  So, these pics are swiped from the internet so you can get an idea of what they saw.  Apparently, our GhanaGal is quite the photog though, so I’ll make sure to put some of her pictures up when FPD gets home.  First, they did the Canopy Walk.

Apparently, it’s really high up and doesn’t feel very stable.  The GhanaDuo thought it was very high, and really scary.  Poor Bill, another American dad traveling with his bio son and new daughter, had to carry one of our duo while FPD carried the other.  This lasted for the entire Canopy Walk.  FPD said GhanaGuy looked over once, and dowwwwnnnnn went his precious sunglasses.  He wasn’t happy about that either.  But, FPD loved it, he thought it was beautiful.  As he described how the rain rolled in and soaked them all with cool water, I could tell he was beginning to feel comfortable.
They visited the Cape Coast Castle as well.  This is something I would like to do as well when I go back.  A hub for slave trade, it holds a lot of Ghanaian history.  A monument to Ghana’s ability to overcome.
Again, GhanaGuy was very scared when the dungeon came along.  So, he chose not to participate in that part of the tour.  All these new things for two kids who have yet to experience much of anything outside their rural community.
FPD is loving his time and he’s obviously totally loving our kids.  He told me over and over how he wished they could just come now.  Unfortunately, that would take a true miracle.  We all agreed that it is miracle enough that we made it where we are.
who is thankful to be so close to the end.

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