And then he licked the plate…

This is my day four of seven post.  In case you’re just arriving…

FPD is in Ghana with our GhanaDuo (ages 7 and 5, we decided) to help process our adoption.  They are all well, things couldn’t be going more smoothly.  FPD is in heaven.

He spent yesterday at a little oasis in the middle of Accra.  Our kids have been begging him for a night in a hotel since he arrived.  I set him up for it by telling them what a pool was.  They wanted to swim SO badly that he offered a trip to the beach.  No dice.  They wanted this thing called a “pool” that I had tried to describe.  So, they went.  Apparently they swam for a total of four hours of the day yesterday.  They dabbled their feet, then they waded, then GhanaGuy jumped in.  By the end of the day they were exhausted.

They did manage, somehow, to find the energy to tell FPD they were “hungry” (they’re ALWAYS hungry).  So, they ate here (another borrowed image).

I ate at this restaurant too last time I was there.  This restaurant serves the best pineapple flambe ever.  In honor of one good friend (who might prefer to remain anonymous), FPD licked the plate when he was finished.  
who is making the noise Homer Simpson makes when he thinks about donuts.  MMMMM…doooonnnuutttttsss.  

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