Red Red.

Day five of seven.  FPD got to spend the day at the school today.  He mentioned to the GhanaDuo’s birthmom that he had fallen in love with the Ghanaian dish red red.  She immediately took him to the market in Kasoa and bought the ingredients to make it.  He was honored.  And, she and I have joked that I don’t cook (at least not well), so when he called to tell me I told her that he was eating better over there than he does at home.  She laughed so hard.  Here is a picture of red red.

Now that’s what I call a “full plate”.  HA!
FPD also got to participate in Kings International School’s weekly “field day”.  It’s a morning of exercise for the kids.  He reports that he played soccer until he was extremely sun burned.  With it being -20 (with the wind chill) in our neck of the woods, I didn’t even think to pack him sun block.  He’s not surprised that some of the younger boys can out play him all ready.  I’ll have to share some pics of the fierce competition that occurs on the football “pitch”.  It’s no joke, they’re in it to win it, for sure.  
whose plate is a little full here too.  

3 thoughts on “Red Red.”

  1. One of my hopes and goals is to learn to GHANAIAN food. I am sure finding the supply might be tricky. Red RED looked, however what’s the burn looking donuts :)? Glad he’s enjoying. I want to be there for field day, I am sure those kids could teach me a thing or two.


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