Goodbye for the last time.

FPD is on his way home.  He landed in the USA about two hours ago and is making his way slowly to the midwest.  He won’t land until tomorrow.  As happy as he is to see our kids (and our house) again, he was equally saddened to leave our two behind in Ghana.  Our GhanaGal cries every time either of us leaves.  It’s big and dramatic.  In Ghana, the louder you cry the sadder you must be (ever watch a Ghanaian
drama?).  So, she cries loudly, aka wails, into her arm every time I leave.  GhanaGuy, not so much.  He seems largely unaffected when we leave.  Peace out.  His life is largely unchanged.  Not this time.  The kid has never had a dad.  We gave him one for a week and he wasn’t ready to let him go.  He cried big quiet tears as FPD kissed him goodnight last night.

One week down, three to go on that I600 approval.  Maybe, just maybe it will come before then.

who can’t wait to never have to say goodbye again.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye for the last time.”

  1. I am so Happy to hear that this was the last good-bye. I can only imagine how hard that will be. Gut wrenching I am sure. I am sure your already counting down the days to the final trip! Glad he really enjoyed himself. I am gonna need that recipe for Red Red. I figure I am gonna have to order a lot of stuff online to make most Ghanaian dishes.


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