A dad.

I downloaded all of FPDs pics tonight, all 181 of them.  Apparently, our GhanaGal likes to take pics.  A lot of of pics of the road signs and the backs of peoples heads as they ride in the tro-tro.  But, she did get a few good ones of FPD.  As I’m scrolling through the pics, there is something that is very apparent to me.  Our little GhanaGuy LOVES having a dad.  I’ll post some more of the pics, but I have never seen this kid with that big of a smile on his face.  He’s not smiling in this one, but I LOVE that FPD put him up on his shoulders.  He has carried all our kids that way.  It’s a dad thing.

And,  FPD obviously loves his little boy.  After all, only a dad bothers to take a picture like this.  GhanaGuy looks so little when he’s sleeping like that.  
who is going the way of GhanaGuy.  Goodnight everybody!  

2 thoughts on “A dad.”

  1. Hey I know that guy. What a great dad. I got out for a run this morning and was thinking about him and his “crazy” schedule. Say hey to FPD for me.P.S. agreed, 30 days never felt sooo long


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