Make it happen.

So, we need an amended death certificate for the GhanaDuo’s father.  It might take a week or two to get to the embassy.  In the meantime, they have promised me they are still “reviewing” our file, which is a step in the right direction, last time they told me they couldn’t work on it AT ALL until every single blessed document was there.  I’m glad they changed their minds, because that was just stupid.  The person that I have been emailing back and forth with has been very kind this time.  I’m grateful.

I told FPD that I just want this to be done and sitting over here twiddling my thumbs makes me feel like I have NO control over the process.  Have you read this blog before?  In case you haven’t… I don’t like not being in control.  FPD knows that all too well.  Usually, he is my voice of reason.  He told me “just wait” many times when I told him I was just going to get on a plane and go over to be with Bubbly.  He reminded me that she was happy playing in the dirt there.  He was right.  So, imagine my shock when I was talking to him about how out of control this all felt and how I just wanted to wait until it had been 30 days from his I-600 filing date (Jan 26th) and then jump on a plane and go.  I told him I just wanted this to be done and I felt like I couldn’t do anything from here.  His reply…”You want this to be done.  Then go over there and make it happen”.  Make it happen?

He’s right.  We are very blessed to just need a corrected death certificate.  I have both the passports.  I have a decree.  I have everything else I need.  I’ll wait until Kingsley has the correction, or it has been 30 days, and then…I’m going.  Done.  I feel so much more in control now.  As of February 28th, I’m hanging out my “Gone to Ghana” sign.

who wants to know if anyone needs anything else done?  We’re in the business of making it happen today.

4 thoughts on “Make it happen.”

  1. I’m guessing that once you have that document in, it’ll be like a day and then you’ll be approved. (That’s how it seemed to work with mine – they were reviewing everything along the way, so that once all of the documents were completely in, it only took them a day to say “approved”.) Hoping you get that amended death certificate really, really soon.


  2. I know that feeling very well. I was ready to go the very second we passed 30 days. Then two of my kids got pretty sick and J was traveling for work and something else went wrong and I couldn’t leave. Lo and behold the approval came just at the right time. I would have loved to just hop on the plane and go, though! Ours was the same as Shannon-once everything that was “required” was in, it went fast.


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