Time for some firsts for our Bubbly.

Bubbly finally earned the privilege that is preschool.
Her first movie.  She loved it, but was SO tired by the time it was over.  
Her first RIDICULOUS hair-do.  She called it her “mermaid” hair.  We finished it and then trimmed it and it looks very cute…
I might be biased.  But, I think she’s beautiful. 
whose daughter now wants to be in a “beauty contest”.  She saw Toddlers and Tiaras and completely missed the point.  

3 thoughts on “Firsts…”

  1. She is adorable. Same beautiful smile we all fell in love with at Luckyhill….the one where you know she’s up to something, but she knows she can get away with whatever if she shows those pearly whites.


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